Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Do you read BKK as B.K.K or Bangkok?
I've had a few people asking me before what BKK stands for. hehe..

August last year, Kristie, Sharon and I went on a shopping trip to Bangkok.
Our goal was to shop:
- till our hearts content
- to fill up our empty suitcases
- till we finish all our Thai Baht plus whatever other currencies we had
- not bother about the touristy things

I took with me a set of PJ's, an extra set of clothes, toothbrush, one suitcase and a giant Tatonka duffle bag.
I sure know how to travel light ... when I know I'm going to be shopping heaps.

Us and our almost empty bags

Welcome to Bangkok Thailand!

We stayed at Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
Got upgraded to a bigger room with an extra bed and living area on the Lady's Floor!
How cool is that?
Never knew there was such a thing.

We went straight down for some street food and began shopping.
Kristie and I lost Sharon just minutes after we entered Platinum Mall.
For some reason, we couldn't find each other for 6 hours. 
Gave up and went back to the room only to find Sharon happily trying on what she bought.
The 3 of us were so tired. We all fell asleep and woke up at midnight feeling hungry.
Our nap dragged on for 5 hours !!
Pork Satay just because its pork and massive & Coconut to stay hydrated
Fried Balls?


i think its radish cake and squid

yummy roadside porridge. you can have it with a raw egg or century egg..

free shuttle service to some mall. can't remember the name.

super cool place we had to check out. lotsa cakes and toys.

check out the cake spread!! 

good old fashion toys. I just had to play with them

fruit buffet at our hotel

On our last night, we asked the hotel receptionist to recommend somewhere we could go to to shop and she gave us some address to go to. Turns out, she gave us the address of a local night market. They had everything you can ever think of. A tattoo parlour, pet shop, barber, nail parlour and of course all the usual 'pasar malam' stores. It was an eye opener but I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. 
Nothing to buy!!

view of Bangkok while having breakfast

on the revolving deck
On our last night, we arranged everything we bought on the bed. Take note that this is not all. 
We still had a days worth of shopping to do.
Behold.. Fruits of Our Sore Feet and Empty Wallets after 3 days.